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Tidal Festival

Devonport's youngest arts and culture festival


The tides are flowing towards Devonport this January as the city’s youngest arts and culture celebration, Tidal Festival, takes over popular locations from the Mersey Bluff to Devonport CBD.

Tidal Festival is presented every two years by the Devonport Regional Gallery, with 2017 being the festival’s third offering. The six-day festival, from 23 to 29 January (excluding Australia Day), features a range of arts and cultural activities, workshops and events for the whole family to enjoy; and includes a public art installation at Mersey Bluff Beach created by Tidal Festival’s artist-in-residence, Annalise Rees.

“Whether it be an art, sport, environmental or recreational activity we are sure you will find something that inspires you. We have the entire community covered – from the very young to the elderly; the artistic to the athletic; the sun lovers to the nature walkers so we hope you are enlightened and entertained with our tidal offerings.” said Gallery Director Ellie Ray.

Highlights of the 2017 Tidal Festival:

The Think Creative Tidal Zone at Mersey Bluff is home to Tidal Festival’s resident artist, Annalise Rees. Emerging Adelaide artist, Annalise, who now calls Tasmania home, will be creating and installing original art works along the Mersey Bluff Beach for all to enjoy. Take a walk along the footpaths and discover the works nestled in the natural vegetation and structures, and seek out the artist as she builds and installs small works throughout the Festival period. Join Annalise for one of her drawing workshops exploring the Mersey Bluff headland. In addition, the Think Creative Tidal Zone is host to a range of activities and events across the festival period, including a pop-up Reading Room, beach cricket, Circus-tation workshops, an outdoor cinema and much more!

The Tidal Festival Choir returns for a second year with renowned Tasmanian singer songwriter Susannah Coleman-Brown. Susannah polishes choristers to performance standard in just four hours – all levels of experience welcome! Book into Choral Infusions with Susannah to be part of this summer’s Tidal Festival Choir.

Street artists from across Tasmania descend on Devonport this January to take part in the Hidden Gallery project! New art works will be installed in hidden and unsuspected locations around the Devonport CBD by artists across the first two days of the Festival. All artworks will complete and accessible on foot from Wednesday 25 January. But, we can’t tell you much more than that …shh, it’s a secret!

“The Tidal Festival brings together everything that’s great about Devonport. It combines our coastal location, our arts and culture and our community. Importantly the Festival is about connection and opportunity.  The opportunity to explore the ‘tidal’ theme, express your creativity, interact with professional artists, meet new people and learn more about our city and our coastline.” said Devonport Mayor Steve Martin.

Tidal Festival coincides with the Gallery’s Tidal: City of Devonport National Art Award Finalists Exhibition (26 November – 29 January 2017), and marks the final week of the exhibition, concluding with the unveiling of the People’s Choice Award on Sunday 29 January, 2 pm at the Final Hurrah, along with a performance by the Tidal Festival Choir.