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Waterline – Geoff Dyer

Opening Wednesday 17 February, 5:30pm
You are invited to the opening for the first solo show of 2016 in the new Despard Gallery. Inspired from recent travels in Europe and a return to Ocean Beach on the Tasmanian west coast, Geoff Dyer is painting with supreme confidence and energy. Dyer has captured the subliminal power and movement of deep ocean currents and swells in this powerful exhibition.


Image of Geoff Dyer's painting, 'Study for Henty Dunes'.
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Geoff Dyer

Visual artists

Regarded as one of the most inspired painters in contemporary Australian landscape painting

Arguably Tasmania’s most prominent landscape painter, Geoff Dyer is best known for having won the Archibald with his portrait of Tasmanian environmentalist and writer, Richard Flanagan. Geoff Dyer’s expressive landscapes reflect Tasmania’s unique environment and have also become an important part of our cultural landscape.

Geoff Dyer describes the inspiration behind his work. ‘Turner, the genius of light, whose paintings dissolve into vapor and shadowy forms and, ultimately, anticipate a new language of art, that of the abstractionists of the 20th century. Turner’s early work challenges the French painter Claude Lorraine at his own game, transferring the Italianate to the grunge and Dickensian sludge, the Thames; the enduring muse. ‘The Temeraire’ being the resultant masterpiece of the mature period. However the last period, from the 1840’s, show the omnivorous richness of Turner’s mind, lush abstractions, with more than a hint of apocalyptic apprehension, paintings that elude contemporaries and critics alike (even his great supporter Ruskin). The West coast, Ocean Beach and the Henty Dunes are, I suppose, my Thames.’

Geoff Dyer has exhibited throughout Australian and internationally for the last 30 years, major shows including China and New York.

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Waterline – Geoff Dyer

Despard Gallery
15 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point TAS, Australia

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