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Weather Observers: Maatsuyker Island

new works on paper by Amanda Walker and book launch 'Maatsuyker: Through Our Eyes'


Amanda Walker, and her partner Paul Richardson, spent six months care-taking on Maatsuyker Island during the winter of 2015. During this time the pair spent their days observing the weather and recording it in the station log. They traversed the island, exploring and photographing the landscape and its botanical and zoological inhabitants.

Upon returning, Amanda has worked on a body of drawings informed by their time there.  The resulting images are exquisite, finely detailed works where script defines the contours of the land and meticulous pencil-work builds up multiple layers of perspective.

In addition to the exhibition, Amanda and Paul are launching their book: ‘Maatsuyker: Through Our Eyes’, which tells the story of their time on the island. The beautiful compendium includes diary entries, photographs and drawings and has been published by 40 degrees south. The launch and exhibition opening occur simultaneously on Friday March 23 at 5.30pm. All are welcome

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Weather Observers: Maatsuyker Island

Wild Island Tasmania
8/ 33 Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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