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150 Years of Margate – Channel Football Display

Celebrating football in the Channel


2016 marks 50 years since the final season of the Kingborough Football Association. In previous years almost every town and village in the Kingston and D’Entrecasteaux Channel area had its own Aussie Rules team, but the disastrous 1967 bushfires brought a sudden end to the Association which had already been discussing a merger with the Huon league.

As part of Margate’s 150th birthday celebrations Channel football memorabilia will be on display in the Channel Heritage Centre’s library. Many of the old Associations’ records and trophies etc. were lost in the fires, but many remain, too, and it is hoped to add to them by recording the memories of surviving players and officials on this day.

Please come along, see the display, swap tall tales and true with old team-mates and opponents, and then go over the road to the Men’s Shed and Fire Brigade open day.

Better still, get in touch with Mike Avery (see contact info) if you would like to donate or lend memorabilia to the display or tell him your story. A book is being written!

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150 Years of Margate – Channel Football Display

Channel Museum
1755 Channel Highway, Margate, Tasmania, Australia

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