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Stories in Ink

John Scot’s diary 1836-1847, King Island, Tasmania



‘Stories in Ink: John Scot’s diary 1836-1847, King Island, Tasmania’ is a personal response to the manuscript diary of retired sealer, John Scot, which the artist first discovered online via the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office.

This exhibition is the culmination of two years spent researching recently discovered Scottish and Tasmanian Aboriginal ancestors. The investigation has also opened up connections with living relatives of John Scot and his partner Mary, an Aboriginal woman from Tasmania.

Emerging from an ongoing exploration of human presence within the landscape, this series of linocut prints, and oil and charcoal sketches provides a visual narrative of the ebb and flow of life on King Island, and investigates themes of cultural co-existence, hardship, physical isolation, resilience, loneliness, faith and daily routine.

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Stories in Ink

Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts
91 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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