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Acoustic Life of Sheds

A Ten Days on the Island Festival event


Acoustic Life of Sheds is a promenade concert spanning 60 kilometres over four and a half hours along the arcadian North West coast. Exploring five sheds, the music is the response of composers, musicians and artists to these beautiful spaces.

Over the last two Ten Days on the Island Festivals,‘Sheds’ has become a signature event of the North West region of Tasmania. Returning in 2019, the lineup includes Brian Ritchie, Heath Cullen, Maggie Abraham, Yyan Ng, Varuni Kulasekera, Aaron Hopper, Matt Hoy, Rachel Small, Paul Corfiatis, Jacob Rish and Telen Rodwell. They join Sheds veterans Lucky Oceans and Nick Haywood in an ever expanding array of artists passionate about these iconic micro concerts and the audiences’ slow journey through the landscape to enjoy them.

You can take the complete five-shed tour, presented twice daily or follow your nose to any shed for the set performance times.

Journeys depart from Friday 8 – Monday 11 March at 9:45 am and 11: 15 am from the information hub at Illume, 17254 Bass Highway, Boat Harbour.