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The Fugly Duckling

A laugh a minute



Regular theatre goers in Hobart have come to love the annual Bawdy Panto. Now in its 13th year, all your favourite theatre personalities combine with a veritable “who’s that?” of local media for a raunchy festive romp.

The Fugly Ducking in unlike any story you’ve ever heard before. You can guarantee to see blokes dressed as women, women dressed as blokes, a sultry heroine, a camp hero, a ludicrous story line. It’s a laugh a minute, so why not make a night of it in the lead up to Christmas.

Cast: John X, Peter Gee, Richard Moore, Spot Cullen, Andrew Casey, Danielle ‘Scooby’ Lipscombe, Anna McMahon and Georgia Love

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The Fugly Duckling

29 Campbell Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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