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The Anzacs: 100 Years On In Story and Song – Rosebery

Ted Egan


Ted Egan presents an historical documentation of the Anzacs and the ordinary men, women and children of the two young nations of Australia and New Zealand, forever affected by this tragic episode in world history.

Set against the political background of the day, Egan brings a clarity and immediacy to this period by his interweaving of personal stories, deeply moving songs, a collection of public and personal photos and an historical narrative that speaks directly to the audience, engaging our hearts as well as our heads.

With commentary by Jack Nicholson (an original Anzac), the show presents a unique history of the ‘Great War’ for all ages, commemorating the courage and bravery of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers and nurses who served at Gallipoli, the Western Front and the Middle East, and their families who supported them from the home front.

The songs encourage audience participation, and are a unique, poignant expression of the World War I experience and take us on a moving personal journey into the heart of the Anzac legend.