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TSO The Great (Launceston)

Schubert & Strauss.


What is it about Ninth Symphonies?

Frequently the culminating point of a composer’s symphonic output, they sum up the past and foreshadow the future.

They expose the full breadth of a composer’s imagination and exhibit a lifetime’s worth of experiences.

Schubert’s Symphony No 9 is all of these things and more. Grand, poetic and poignant, it is Schubert’s last symphony and the finest of them all. With good reason is it known as the “Great”.

Few composers wrote as eloquently for the soprano voice as Richard Strauss. Strauss’s sopranos scale the heights and plumb the depths in their quest to touch the human heart.

Be moved by celebrated soprano Siobhan Stagg.


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TSO The Great (Launceston)

Albert Hall Launceston, Tamar Street, Launceston TAS, Australia

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