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100 Reasons for War

The world premiere of a major new work by one of Australia’s leading playwrights.



Grandly ambitious, 100 Reasons for War is Tom Holloway’s funny, angry, provocative and ultimately optimistic response to a century of ‘man’s inhumanity to man’, 100 years after Gallipoli.

This is no battlefield-drama or period piece. Holloway’s war is played out in the here and now, in kitchens and classrooms, boardrooms and bars. A big play about big things: Big Bang, the power of words, technology and social media, Edward Bernays, Anna Freud and Bill Clinton, gender, age and class divides, sports-rage, phone-rage and queue-rage, evolution, faith and chimpanzees.

“Why? Why so much anger? Why so much war?”

Playwright: Tom Holloway
Director / Designer: Robert Jarman
Movement Director: Trisha Dunn
Associate Director: Alex Rigozzi
Composer: Dylan Sheridan

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100 Reasons for War

Theatre Royal
29 Campbell Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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