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Before the Fetch

The larrikin childhood of Dylan Thomas.


Before The Fetch explores the childhood of Dylan Thomas, the Welsh poet.

The truism that the child is father of the man seems particularly apt in the case of Dylan Thomas, who from an early age knew that his destiny was to be a poet.

We learn about the poet through the eyes of his ‘best friend’ Daniel Jones (a remarkable man in his own right), a schoolmate of Thomas who remained close to him throughout his life. The show begins on the day of Dylan’s funeral as Jones remembers the events and personalities that shaped the character of his friend, in a childhood that was perhaps ‘too happy.’

Michael Edgar plays numerous characters as he takes the audience on an imaginative and eloquent tour through Thomas’s formative years.

It is essentially a piece that is built on the richness of evocative language, and as Wal Eastman noted in the Mercury, ‘The most memorable words…the ones that glowed like diamond on velvet come from the work of Thomas himself.’

Devised and performed by: Michael Edgar
Originally conceived by: Bruce Myles and Michael Edgar
Director: Peter Hammond
Original 1989 production directed by: John Lohrey
Bec Howard

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Before the Fetch

Earl Arts Centre
57 Brisbane Street, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

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