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Blackadder – Launceston

The stage version of the cult TV black comedy BLACKADDER


Encore Theatre Company

Throughout the ages men of flair, faculty and outstanding courage have contributed to England’s glorious heritage. Others, like the snivelling worm Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh (alias BLACKADDER) have emerged from the dust of dodgy documents to claim their wrongful position in history.

The stage version of the cult TV black comedy BLACKADDER (which starred Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Stephen Fry and Miranda Richardson) is coming to Launceston. Lord Edmund Blackadder is a leading courtier to the ditsy Queen Elizabeth 1. Assisted by the clueless but fashionable Lord Percy Percy (the stupidest git that ever drew breath), and a dung-eating cunning servant named Baldrick (the filthy), he is on the lookout for funds to support his Renaissance lifestyle.

Making his Encore debut as Director, Troy Ridgway is charged with recreating the Ben Elton and Richard Curtis BBC-TV comedy classic. The Tasmanian stage premiere of BLACKADDER comes to the Earl Arts Centre in November 2016.

By Richard Curtis and Ben Elton. Presented with kind permission of Comic Relief.

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Blackadder – Launceston

Earl Arts Centre
57 Brisbane Street, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

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