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Circus Oz – Launceston

Extraordinary skills, ridiculous characterisation, hilarious mayhem and fabulous live music.


presented by Theatre North at the Princess

The brand new Circus Oz show rockets into the Princess Theatre in September! An eclectic mix of extraordinary skills, ridiculous characterisation, hilarious mayhem and fabulous live music, this show is a celebration of the great values of Circus Oz that have generated critical acclaim and woven the company into the hearts of audiences around the world.

A show of scale, the ensemble fills the theatre, reaching out to audiences and dazzling with spectacular group acts that are interspersed with intimate solo and duo skills. Built upon the traditional circus skills, these acts are subverted with a unique Australian voice. This is larrikin story-telling, never taking ourselves too seriously, laughing in the face of danger, crying out with the fresh irreverence of the Aussie spirit.

At the heart of the show is the diverse, multi-skilled mix of dare-devil acrobats and acrobatically musical performers. During the show the individual members combine in dynamic large group acts: eight acrobats soaring through the air off a custom designed flying trapeze; or nine performers on a single bike; or ten scaling the height of two Chinese poles; or the entire stage filled with flying juggling clubs combined with fast and furious knockabout. The audience is close to overwhelmed with the visual and aural spectacular.

And then, a single acrobat ascends to the full height of the venue, suspended by just one foot off a trapeze, counter-weighted by the off-stage rigger and accompanied by a lone trumpeter. One individual’s incredible skill transfixes the audience on a single point on-stage.

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Circus Oz – Launceston

Princess Theatre
57 Brisbane Street, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

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