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EPISODES – Stanley

An exuberant retrospective of ten years of creative choreography


Revel in ten years of creative choreography by Glen Murray, featured in EPISODES from Mature Artists Dance Experience (MADE).

Under the artistic direction of Murray, this unique Tasmanian dance theatre company has produced twelve works and performed to audiences of all ages across Australia. MADE has presented its works in many unusual locations: shop windows, balconies, and even with performers in large birds’ nests.

Interpreting personal and community stories through dance, installation and collaboration with a wide range of artists, MADE is renowned for beautiful, quirky performances, a clever twist on a Tasmanian aesthetic and an honest connection with audiences.

This exuberant retrospective, restaged by Annette Downs, includes excerpts from Sing For Me, karaoke with a twist; Fair, Ride of the Valkyries explored with brooms; the spiced-up country and western flavour of Southwest; and Economy, a seated slow foxtrot performed by paper bags with legs.

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EPISODES – Stanley

10 Church Street, Stanley, Tasmania, Australia

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