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Fragile Matter – Moonah

An inspiring and thrilling dramatic dance performance.


Created by internationally acclaimed Greek dance company Jukstapoz and inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s epic film The Great Dictator, Fragile Matter uses dance, theatre, storytelling and puppetry to create a unique dance-theatre experience.

This entertaining, high energy performance has been around the world, finding a political and social relevance wherever it goes. Audiences will be stirred by the poignant significance to current political and social events, and moved by the humanness brought to the characters.

Using the body as metaphor for war and unity, eight embattled dancers rally, resist and break out in a work that is both fiercely physical and intimate, with a sound score to match.


Choreography: Christine Gouzelis & Paul Blackman
Lighting Design: Luca Sirviö
Puppet Design: Dimitris Nassiakos
Artistic Director: Felicity Bott
Rehearsal Director: Carol Wellman Kelly


Presented by Tasdance in association with Ten Days in the Island 

Promotional image from Heart Matters by Tasdance
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Passionate, daring and committed to dance

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Fragile Matter – Moonah

Moonah Arts Centre (MAC)
23-27 Albert Road, Moonah, Tasmania, Australia

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