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Fully Grown

A celebration of 25 years of Stompin that will captivate you.


Fully Grown invites audiences into a cosmos created in Launceston’s John Hart Conservatory in City Park where dance and multimedia tell the story of evolution from the big bang to present day and beyond.

In our world there are stargazers, adventurers, philosophers and inventors. There are trees, plants, planets and earth. There are complexities beyond what we can possibly imagine.

Celebrating 25 years of Stompin, performers both past and present will captivate their audience and take them in search of the things that connect us all.


Performed and co-created by young Tasmanians
Artistic Director: Caitlin Comerford
Guest Choreographer: Adam Wheeler
Dramaturge/Multimedia Artist: Martyn Coutts
Lighting Designer: Nicholas Higgins
Costume Designer: Bones Sylvan
Sound Designer: Matt Cornell

This project is supported by the Australia Council, WD Booth and the City of Launceston.

Stompin is supported by Arts Tasmania, WD Booth, Southern Cross, The Examiner, SDS, Rae & Partners.



Presented by Stompin in association with Ten Days on the Island

SYCP 2017
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Launceston's Youth Dance Company

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Fully Grown

City Park, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

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