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Mirror Mirror


Mirror Mirror, Stompin’s next site-specific performance, will take place in an empty warehouse space in South Launceston with purpose-built shifting mirrors to become the backdrop for the show. Fake and real become almost completely imperceptible as 15 young Tasmanians assemble and reassemble the set, designed to play with distorted or curated realities, digital fragments and mimicry.

Tickets are now on-sale for Mirror Mirror, the 26th Major Work from Stompin Youth Dance Company. The work allows performer and audience alike to confront and examine themselves close up, peering into the looking glass to find what’s beyond our reflection.

The Stomper’s themselves are the catalyst for this work, wanting to investigate the current obsession with social media, their love-hate relationship with selfie-culture and their developing sense of identity in the 2-dimensional world.

Mirror Mirror will be led by internationally recognised dance artist James Bachelor in collaboration with Stompin’s Artistic Director Caitlin Comerford.

James Batchelor is an award-winning choreographer, performer and filmmaker based in Melbourne. James’s mission as an artist is to make work that inspires curiosity, shift assumptions, widen awareness and create possibility. His work is particular in how it responds to context, from conception to presentation; it strongly considers how a performance exists within a specific space and time.

Mirror Mirror will be performed at the Coates Patons (Door of Hope) Storage Facility in Launceston on April 18-22. Tickets on sale at

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