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Night, Richard. Night.

DoMaur Productions


This journey takes place in the decade of the 1960’s, a time marked by women’s and civil rights movements, political debacles and assassinations, the Vietnam War and antiwar protest, and the budding ‘generation gap’.

With a new decade the promise of renewed innocence and hope emerges, this was not the case, for it became a time of anger and violence, particularly for the youth. Rebellion struck; hair was getting longer, unusual clothing emerged and their levels of acceptance for a number of ‘new’ things grew.

Night, Richard. Night takes a journey through this decade using three timeless Shakespearean works, exploring the effect breaking away from the traditional values and beliefs of the decades before meant to the people involved and how it shaped their futures.

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Night, Richard. Night.

Burnie Arts and Function Centre
77-79 Wilmot Street, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

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