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Sing for Me!


For most people the challenge of karaoke is that you have to be courageous but for many it is ultimately very rewarding and entirely liberating.

To get what you desire sometimes you have to do something you would much rather not do.

Experience this dynamic transaction of desirous challenge and reward live in Sing For Me! the most surprising dance theatre work of 2014.

This work is presented by MADE – Mature Artists Dance Experience


MADE was founded in June 2005 to provide highly aesthetic dance theatre experiences for mature artists.

The Baby Boomers are now over fifty and a major force in Australia’s population. The second half of the twentieth century has seen immense shifts in our culture and society.

MADE dancers were flower children in the swinging sixties; wild young things in the psychedelic seventies; ensigns of responsibilities in the austere eighties and captains of industry during the nineties.

Glen Murray’s choreography converts these real life experiences into confrontational, quirky, thought-provoking theatre. Dance is the ultimate art form for Australia’s maturing population: keeping bodies alive with energy and fizz; memories sharp with kinesthetic moves and creative spirit engaged with passion and verve.

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Sing for Me!

Theatre Royal
29 Campbell Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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