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The Epic (Burnie)

Ten Tonne Sparrow


A retelling of the most badass stories from around the world.

The Epic is slam poetry without too much earnestness, it’s storytelling without being condescending. This is the theatre of way out tales as told by two irreverent and passionate storytellers. It’s all the best bits out of our historical literature libraries mixed in with little bits of pop culture.

The Epic is a comparative studies lecture if the teachers wanted to re-enact everything with wide eyes and flailing arms. It’s a political discussion about cultural appropriation and ownership that isn’t pointing fingers…

Dash back to the beginning as we retell and unpick myths, epic texts and really good stories from around the globe. There’s something for everyone in this sparky adventure through time.

The Epic is fun. Some of the stories are outrageous, some are freaky, all of them are EPIC: these are amazing and strange stories you’ll be sharing long after the show.

Suitable for: Ages 12+