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The Surgeon’s Hands

The Surgeon wanted the perfect daughter, so he made her.



But is perfection achievable? Is the job ever really complete? Isn’t there always one more blemish, one more fault? And are there limits to our almost godlike ability to shape life itself?

Alison Mann is one of Tasmania’s most stimulating writers and The Surgeon’s Hands, her latest play, is a revelation: outlandish, comic and disturbing, and alarmingly close to reality.

From puppetry to dance to drama, there’s nothing director Annette Downs can’t do. With a cast of three of the island’s most splendid actors, she brings her keen eye and razor mind to the world premiere of this eye-opening drama.

Writer: Alison Mann
Director: Annette Downs
Designer: Jill Munro
Cast: Bryony Geeves, Robert Jarman, Melissa King

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The Surgeon’s Hands

Theatre Royal
29 Campbell Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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