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Song Surgery Masterclass with Alan Roy Scott

A rare opportunity to learn from an international music master!


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Song Surgery Masterclass with Alan Roy Scott

A rare opportunity to learn from an American music master, covering concepts such as musical contrast, song surgery, co-writing and the current state of domestic and international songwriting in 2019.

This 4-hour masterclass will cover the following:

1. The concept of “contrast” in songwriting; the main philosophy Alan uses to build songwriting, such as melody, chords, rhythm, lyrics, key changes, arrangement, production, and so on.
2. “Song surgery” where analysis and suggestions are given on how things might be changed around or improved; ways to edit, re-structure, or re-write entire songs or sections.
3. Analysis of current “hit” songs to see what makes them work, and areas that might still be improved. Tips on turning good or very good songs into great songs.
4. Co-writing exercises: participants work in smaller groups to co-write and work through scenarios mirroring the real world of songwriting collaboration
5. An overview of the current state of songwriting domestically and internationally in 2019 from a business and creative standpoint.
6. Other subjects including Publishing, Film/TV placements, PRO’s & songwriting splits, Song Contests, Music Conferences, Songwriting Camps & Retreats, writing for Eurovision.

What you’ll get:

  • Sound understanding of musical contrast and how it can be used to make great music
  • Inspiration and ideas to help you get your music out there
  • New ways to compose music and lyrics, and change or improve your sound,
  • A greater understanding of the Australian and World music industries and relevant songwriters today

What to bring:

  • An open mind and positive attitude.
  • Pen and Notebook.
  • Instrument/s.
  • Device to access links to your songs on a website, sound cloud etc (smart phone, tablet, laptop)
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About the teacher:

Alan Roy Scott is a professional songwriter with over 35 years experience in the global music industry, with songs recorded by Celine Dion, Cher, Ricky Martin and Ray Charles among many.

Alan has been a private songwriting coach for more than 10 years, and has taught classes and led workshops and seminars in the USA through the UCLA Extension, The Songwriting School of LA, Musician’s Institute,, ASCAP.

In Australia Alan has led workshops through APRA and been the key facilitator at multiple Australian Songwriters Conferences. As the founder of Music Bridges, Alan has created many songwriting collaborations all over the world.