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Cor Fuhler – Experimental Sound Workshop

FREE workshop young sonic artists and musicians (aged 15-25 years).


Improviser, composer, songwriter, instrument builder, acoustic ecologist or recording engineer – it is all part of a process: to put an idea into sound. The tool one needs could be a bassoon, a soldering iron, a computer program, a screwdriver, a microphone, a pencil and paper, a rehearsal, or even a good long walk. All are equally valuable methods of achieving beautiful, interesting, humorous, questioning and any other kind of sound world that expresses something meaningful and worthwhile.

Having travelled the globe on numerous tours with his ensembles, composer, improvising musician and scholar Cor Fuhlers work encompasses a wide range of disciplines crossing installation, dance, puppetry and comic strip. A conservatorium trained musician and keen inventor, he is also renowned for his pioneering extended piano techniques and his invention the keyolin (a hybrid violin and piano). For his PhD in composition at the University of Sydney he wrote an extensive thesis on aleatoric modular composition techniques and on the motivation behind altering a piano.


SAC is presenting a two-hour FREE workshop with Cor Fuhler for 20 energetic young sonic artists and musicians (aged between 15-25 years).

The workshop is about the relationship between improvisation and compositional/conceptual ideas.

Cor Fuhler will bring along a few pieces for the participants to rehearse and perform as a tutti, and smaller combinations. Participants will be exposed to a number of different compositional techniques. It is not necessary that participants can read music, all levels are welcome.

The workshop will be followed by a public performance by workshop participants, and then solo performance (by Cor) in the Founders Room. Entry to the performance is FREE for workshop participants / performers. Click HERE for more information on the Performance.  This is the first event in SAC’s 2017 Community Forums series, which is support by the Allport Bequest. 

Participants should bring their instruments / voice / objects and ideas / pieces are welcome as well.

Tuesday 28 March 2017, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

The Founders Room

Bookings essential as spaces are limited to 20 participants
To book your place email

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Cor Fuhler – Experimental Sound Workshop

77 Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia

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