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Old Fashioned… Transformed Workshop at Kickstart Arts

Remaking discarded clothing into trendy unique wearables.


Welcome to Kickstart Arts’ Creative Exchange: Sharing Skills and Culture.

Session Title: Old Fashioned… Transformed

Description:  Take a garment out of your wardrobe; it may be out of date, or something you found at an thrift shop. Something about it appeals to you; the colour, the texture, or the feel of it; but you would not wear it as it is: it needs something…

Learn how to turn garments into unique trendy wearable art pieces. Together with other pieces of clothes, knits, collected fabrics, embellishments, bits of lace and doilies, and what ever else you can think of. Cut off, add on, play, stitch, embellish, have fun and be creative*!

You can spend the time available on one piece or you may like to start a few pieces and finish them later at home. Give yourself permission to cut into clothes, and then start thinking of ways how to fix them and turn them into a unique garment which will be a real talking point. Enjoy wearing something different of your own creation!

What you’ll get: 

  • Transformed garment/s, made up using discarded clothing and collected materials
  • Confidence with clothing alterations
  • Learn a new technique which will bring life back into long forgotten or discarded op-shop clothing

What to bring:

  • Garments from home you’d like to work on
  • Fabric you have that may be useful
  • Threads, sewing kits, embellishments, etc
  • Sewing machine and accessories **
  • Notebook and pen

* Basic sewing skills are required for this session;

** If you decide to use a sewing machine, you need to know how to use it (there will no time to teach you) ​

About Creative Exchange: Kickstart Arts value community skills and knowledge, so we started up Creative Exchange – Hobart’s newest destination for teaching, learning, sharing and collaborating!

Kickstart Arts Centre
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Kickstart Arts


Making great art to promote wellbeing & creativity.

Aukje Boonstra ( is an established professional textile artist and teacher based in North-West Tasmania. She specialises in eco dyeing, hand stitching and the transformation of discarded clothing into wearable art pieces.

Aukje conducts workshops across Australia in natural dyeing, repurposing old clothes into trendy wearable art pieces, creative embroidery and many more.

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Old Fashioned… Transformed Workshop at Kickstart Arts

Kickstart Arts, St Johns Ave, New Town, Tasmania, Australia

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