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Song of the Ancients: Conscious Voice and Movement at Kickstart Arts

A gentle, guided exploration of the human voice, and human body.


Welcome to Kickstart Arts’ Creative Exchange: Sharing Skills and Culture.

Title: Song of the Ancients – Conscious Voice and Movement

Description:  Just like the creation of the great cave paintings of early peoples, making music is intrinsically human. The first instrument, is, of course, our own body. Vocal and breathing exercises will focus not on performance, but sensing-in to vibration and resonance in different parts of the body. In this way, singing and chanting is deeply in the present moment, and can be meditative, calming, and healing.
To “have a voice” is also to be empowered.

You will explore the relationship between the group or tribe (harmony), and the individual (melody). We will use drones (the “voice of God” in Indian traditions) as a foundation to explore ancient tonalities. And beneath all, there is silence: the fertile and creative void.

The work draws from Gestalt, authentic movement, visualisation, meditation, classical technique, Voice and Movement Therapy, and Mary’s own methods devised from many years of voice work.

It is suitable for professional singers/actors, as well as general public. Please note: it is not a performance workshop. Rather it focuses on increasing awareness, sensitivity, and flexibility in the internal experience of both voice work and free movement.

What you’ll get: 

  • An exploration of the creative heritage we hold as human beings

  • A safe and gentle space to experience and participate in songs of the ancients

  • An increased sense of “inhabiting” your voice: a voice that is stronger, more flexible in range, colour, and volume.

  • Increased awareness and flexibility in movement.

  • A sense of personal space/energy field that extends beyond your actual skin.

  • Stronger sense of self and personal integrity through “listening inward” for an authentic action.

  • A sense of connectedness to “tribe”, part of a whole, through group singing and movement

  • Meditative exercises creating a feeling of calm and being centred

  • Practical voice exercises and breathing exercises

  • Knowledge of and practice in ancient musical scales

  • A sense of joyfulness in singing!


What to bring:

  • Comfy Clothes for movement

  • Pen and notepad to take notes

  • Water bottle

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About the Facilitator:

Originally from Cairns, Mary Jones has lived for many years in the Blue Mountains, NSW, and currently resides in Tasmania. She has degrees in Music, Opera, and Psychology.

In addition, she has studied Gestalt, Enneagram, Authentic Movement and meditation extensively with Claudio Naranjo and others, in Europe and Australia.

Mary has been a music teacher, performer, and spiritual explorer for more than 30 years. She has just returned from 3 years of exploration, study, and teaching in Europe; this workshop is one of the results of that journey.  Mary has been teaching Songs of the Ancients Courses in Barcelona, where it was received with enthusiasm.