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The Seven Elements of Art, an 8-week course at Kickstart Arts

Find your style, increase your confidence, learn to appreciate and make art. A course for people who think they can't but wished they could.


Welcome to Kickstart Arts’ Creative Exchange: Sharing Skills and Culture.

Title: The Seven Elements of Art, an 8-week course


This 8-week course is designed for anyone, irrelevant of talent, technical skill, or ability, with an interest in learning the basics of making art using any medium/s of their choice. Each week you will be guided expertly through the following seven elements of art:

  1. Line: the most fundamental element, used in all the other elements

  2. Shape: how to distinguish and recognise the shapes around us and be inspired by them

  3. Space: negative space, positive space, distance, perspective, cropping…

  4. Value: helps define forms, create spacial illusions and textures.

  5. Form: you will explore the 3-dimensions that create form to bring more realism to your work

  6. Texture: is all about the fun, fascination and joy of translating what you see into your art

  7. Colour: basic colour theory will take you into a world of colour mixing, light, shadow and more.

  8. A final week to finish artworks, discuss theory and ask questions

After completion you will be invited to exhibit your artworks in the Kickstart Arts’ Parlour Gallery!

All materials will be provided.

What you’ll get: 

  • Lots of artworks and samples you create during each session
  • A diary filled with tips and tricks related to the various techniques being taught
  • Lots of photocopied handouts covering various parts of the course, including art materials, interpreting paint information, new artists and artworks for further inspirationWhat to bring:
  • An apron, or clothing you don’t mind getting dirty
  • A notebook or art journal to record your journey
Kickstart Arts Centre
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Kickstart Arts


Making great art to promote wellbeing & creativity.


Starting painting from an early age, Claire Sheppard eventually did a BFA (after farming for 20 years), going on to work in various roles at MONA including as an artist for Hound in the Hunt.

Claire implemented her first series “Garden of Eden” workshops at the MAC in 2018.  Following completion of these workshops, participants have gone on to develop a regular meeting of painters, and producing their 1st exhibition in 2019.

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The Seven Elements of Art, an 8-week course at Kickstart Arts

Kickstart Arts, St Johns Ave, New Town, Tasmania, Australia

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