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[Creative Exchange] Basket Weaving Workshop – Woven Packages

Create delightful baskets to fill with treats for the festive season!


Welcome to Kickstart Arts’ Creative Exchange: Sharing Skills and Culture.

Session Title: Woven Packages Basket Weaving Workshop

Description: Strawberries from the garden and sweet treats from the kitchen will taste all the more delicious when presented in a lovingly woven basket.​

What you’ll get: 

  • You will weave one or two small baskets and learn how to decorate them
  • Photocopied instructions to help you remember how to weave them
  • For those who attended ‘Weaving round Corners’ this is an opportunity to revisit and practice weaving 1, 2 and 4 cornered baskets

What to bring:

  • Notebook and pen for note taking
  • A phone or camera to take photos to remind you of key steps in the weaving

About Creative Exchange: Kickstart Arts value community skills and knowledge, so we started up Creative Exchange – Hobart’s newest destination for teaching, learning, sharing and collaborating!

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About the teacher:
Gwen Egg is a textile and community artist best known for teaching basket weaving with natural materials. Gwen is interested in the ecologies and cultures that inform our understanding of the materials and techniques used in the weaving. Gwen enjoys the process of making which stimulates her thinking – as do the people she meets through her involvement in community arts and teaching.