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Taslaska is an idea brought about after a conversation between the Anchorage Museum in Alaska and the Burnie Regional Art Gallery.

Places perceived as peripheral are often at the center of environmental knowledge, change, adaptation and response.

In these ways, they are connected rather than remote. People in peripheral places share a sense of time and landscape.
With TASLASKA, we connect Tasmania and Alaska.

Young people in Tasmania aged 12 – 19 years are invited to contribute to this project through social media platforms or a virtual zine.
Hosted by the  Anchorage Museum in Alaska and Big Hart, Project O and the Burnie Regional Art Gallery.

Participants can send videos, photos, audio interviews, portraits, illustrations, animations,
poems, maps, favorite places, or other portrayals of your place.

On social media tag #Taslaska
For the zine, send entries to with your name, age, city, and any statement you want to include.

By submitting, participants agree to have their entries shared on social media and in the virtual zine.

For more information please contact the Gallery here or check out our social media platforms.