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Intermediate Ukulele Course at Kickstart Arts

Chords and rhythms for intermediate players.


Welcome to Kickstart Arts’ Creative Exchange: Workshops in Everything

Intermediate Ukulele Course at Kickstart Arts

You’ll learn new theory, expanding your skills with new chords, rhythm patterns and songs, and take away handouts to keep you practicing and playing at home. Each session includes at leat 30 minutes playing together as a group. These sessions are perfect for anyone who has some experience playing a Ukulele. If you have been to two or three of our Ukulele Beginners Courses, don’t be shy, feel free to join us at the Intermediate level now!

What you’ll get:

  • Lots of handouts and online resources
  • Homework for those who want it.
  • Purchasing and technical advice.
  • A loan instrument if necessary (please tell us if you need to borrow one)
  • An opportunity to join the Kickstart Arts Uke Collective

What to bring:

  • Notebook and pen.
  • A place to store handouts, e.g sleeve folder.
  • Your ukulele

About Creative Exchange: The Kickstart Arts Centre in New Town is fast becoming a community hub for arts and culture.  Creative Exchange is a flagship project offering an ongoing program of workshops led by and for people from all walks of life.  If you have a skill to share, please get in touch.

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About the teacher:

Johnny Mackay has a unique blend of life experience, philosophy, stage presence, and humour and has taught in TAFE colleges (Vic and Tas), Adult Education, and community services for more than a decade.

He has been making music for over 20 years and has accreditations in both music and teaching.